Our Craft

Our raw materials selection

Close attention is paid to this step. I use AOC Martinique Rhum Agricole (AOC agricultural rum from Martinique), selected for its aromatic qualities and the strictness of the AOC regulations. I have chosen vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar and high-quality, fresh fruits to guarantee an exquisite taste.

A fresh, exotic fruit is one picked during the ripening stage off the tree, or at the roots, and then expedited by plane. Specific and privileged partnerships have been established with production facilities on Reunion Island as well as with local producers. The strawberries and apples come strictly from Loire Atlantic producers. The Victoria pineapples and strawberry guavas are brought in 48 hours after their picking.

The cocoa beans are Fair Trade certified and have been selected by one of the two best chocolate makers in the world (Bernardini study).


Our recipe and manufacturing process


This recipe is the result of a decade of tests, experiments and alterations following feedback from friends and family. This time has allowed me to identify the true qualities of the fruits and the subtleties of their associations. In this way, the range is made up of products that are all aromatically different. Precision, curiosity and the adventure of a passion permitted to bring to light Les Rhums de Ced'.

All the fruits are cut and bottled by hand. The maceration takes place directly within the bottle and we indicate the date of production on all of our products to guarantee the maceration time.

Cédric BREMENT - Master Craftsman - A mark of excellence

logo Maitre-Artisan

On November 26, 2013, Les Rhums de Ced' was awarded the title of Maître Artisan (Master Craftsman) by the Qualifications Committee of the Pays de Loire Chamber of Trades and Crafts. The two titles Artisan (Craftsman) and Maître Artisan (Master Craftsman) highlight the qualification and experience of a trades professional. Both are a guarantee for the consumer of the identity and quality of work. It's a mark of excellence, talent and skills, which are the essence of a rigorous work ethic.

Our innovations

photo Mir

Since the beginning, Les Rhums de Ced' has strived to approach production with brand-new concepts and create innovative rhums arrangés (arranged rums).

  • Creation of a maceration 100% certified organic. Les Rhums de Ced' obtained the organic certification.
  • Launch of the first maceration aged 6 months in oak barrels (Cognac): Vanilla Macadamia Nuts.
  • Launch of a second maceration aged in oak barrels: Mango Lychee (fruits from Reunion Island).
  • Launch of a third maceration with a rum matured in Sauternes barrels (first classified growth) associated with Mirabelle plums.
  • Now with the discovery and originality of a new concept: Ti'original de Ced'. Traditional recipes are revisited by the savoir-faire of Les Rhums des Ced'. The first opus: Ti'Punch.